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(UPDATED 29th June 2020)

Bookings from 4th July onwards

Following the recent government announcement we are pleased to say that all bookings from 4th July onwards can be confirmed. If you have not already contacted us we will be contacting you over the coming days for any due payments. In line with guidance our check in and departure times will need to change for the remainder of 2020. Check in time will now be 6pm and departure time will be 9.30am. There will be Covid-19 information in your property detailing any changes to our normal procedures.


I have delayed paying my balance. Can I pay it now?

Any balance payments which are overdue or becoming due can now be paid. Although we normally accept cheques, at the moment payment is preferred by card or bank transfer.


What happens if myself or a member of my party develops symptoms during my stay?

The most recent advice is that if a guest is displaying signs of Covid-19 they should inform the accommodation provider, immediately self isolate where they are to minimise any risk of transmission and request a test. If they are confirmed to have Covid-19 they should return home if they reasonably can. If a guest cannot reasonably return home (for example because they are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport) their circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority. Guests should follow government guidance on dealing with possible or confirmed Covid-19 infection.

In the event that your stay should be extended you would be liable to pay for all affected bookings as a result. Porthleven Harbour Cottages and the property owners cannot accept any responsibility for matters beyond our control or for any Covid-19 issues.


Have you put extra housekeeping measures in place?

We have taken a lot of extra measures to re-assure our guests. All our properties are cleaned to an extremely high standard but the earlier departure time and later check in time will allow for the extra deep cleaning that is required to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Our housekeepers have all been supplied with the appropriate PPE and have been advised of all the new procedures they need to take and the recommended disinfectants etc. will be used in our properties, particularly in high contact areas. Soft furnishings will be steamed on each changeover and all properties have been fitted with wall mounted hand sanitisers inside the entrance doors. Mattress and pillow protectors will be changed as a matter of course for each guest. High risk items such as board games and childrens’ toys will be removed from the properties. Various other measures are being taken and these will be detailed in your property information. We hope these measures will reassure you but we cannot 100% guarantee that any property will be free from Covid- 19 infection.


What happens if I catch Coronavirus and have to cancel my holiday?

You would need to check if your travel insurance company will cover you. You will be able to postpone your holiday to a later date in 2020 or transfer it to 2021.


What happens if I have to cancel my holiday because I have to self isolate or am advised not to travel on medical advice?

You would need to check if your travel insurance company will cover you. You will be able to postpone your holiday to a later date in 2020 or transfer it to 2021.


What is the position if I wish to change my booking to a later date this year or to next year because I am afraid of travelling on holiday in the current situation?

This would be at the discretion of the property owner and if they are in agreement then we are happy to arrange this. We do not charge any fee to do this. As with any transfers, if the chosen week was of a higher price, the increase would be charged. If it was of a lower price the difference would be refunded.


What happens if a previous guest in the property I have booked contracts Coronavirus and has to self isolate?

In the event that a property is unavailable because it could not be vacated we would endeavour to find you an alternative property or the property owner would refund the cost of your holiday.

If any member of the party develops any symptom of Coronavirus you are advised to follow the NHS guidelines at:

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